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Our story

Avalon Jewels, an online e-tailer was born of a brilliant jewelry and gemstone lover’s dream. We have used jewelry to mark family milestones and important times in our own lives. We've become lovers of colored gemstones for their beauty and rarity, and know you will too.

Carefully collecting and selling jewelry and gemstones for years was the springboard for launching this sparkling vocation to an online business. Women are the best judge of what other women love in jewelry, so Avalon Jewels was a natural development. You'll recognize our one-of-a-kind pieces that are only available at Avalon Jewels.

While there are many online jewelry merchants offering jewelry to the public, certain things make Avalon Jewels stand out from the rest—and it can be expressed in a single word; Selection.

Our inventory is unlike anything online today

Our new designer pieces were carefully curated from the world’s leading sources. Only items of the finest manufacture, top metals, and gemstones or diamonds are destined to become part of the Avalon Jewels collection. But we also know that each jewelry collector is unique—with different style preferences and personalities.

Your jewelry should be a natural extension of your individuality and Avalon Jewels knows that. So we’ve added a gorgeous array of top-quality new estate jewelry (never worn) and pre-owned estate jewelry . Both of these exquisite categories include pieces that you simply cannot buy anywhere else. To manufacture this level of craftsmanship now would cost a fortune. But Avalon’s customers get first pick of these skillfully made items available here.

Many online e-tailers aim for volume sales and never hear from their customers again after the first purchase. But we strive to learn about each customer’s taste and budget. We want to make you a lifetime customer by our VIP customer care above what you experience in a brick and mortar store. At Avalon, we want to become your personal jeweler. Contact us today and discover the Avalon Jewels difference!